Wednesday, September 2, 2009

How to Say "NO" the Positive Way

When your financial statement is fluctuating and a friend approaches you and asks you “Can I borrow money from you…blah blah blah?” which of these two responses would you choose?

“I’m sorry, I don’t have money” or
“I’m sorry, I’m temporarily broke”

Whether you are making an excuse or your pocket is really empty, Be Positive!!!

The bottom line of this post? I’m temporarily broke! Bwahahaha!!!
Posted 9/2/09 6:20 PM

3 Speak:

gillboard said...

Was asked the same question a few days ago... di ko sinagot... it was my ex who i haven't heard from in ages...

jei said...

Shocks! Now I know how to answer such question...

"Sorry, I'm temporarily broke". Ha! I like it! Witty but true na sagot.

Thanks Rej!

enJAYneer said...

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