Saturday, September 5, 2009

Lead us Father

I will be your father, and you shall be my sons and daughters, says the Lord Almighty. – 2 Corinthians 6:18

Noynoy for President – is the battlecry of Sen. Noynoy Aquino’s supporters for almost a month now. Although there is no official declaration coming from the man himself, Sen. Noynoy, the couple of presscons that happened in the past two days give us a nearly clear vision of future events.

During the Martial Law or the Marcos regime, it was Senator Ninoy Aquino who bravely faced all odds in order to regain democracy. After the latter’s assasination, his wife Cory courageously responded to people’s call to lead our nation which paved the way to a peaceful revolution that ousted a dictator. Now that Pres. Cory is also dead, many are convinced that Sen. Noynoy, being the son of great leaders, has the attributes of a leader capable to direct our country towards unity and progress.

Why is it that each time there was a huge heartbreaking event, a member of the Aquino family will suddenly rise to fame and be encouraged to take the torch? What are the leadership qualities that these people have that apparently have become so transparent? Ninoy Aquino is dead for more than two decades but why is it that even up to this date his life is being remembered by many?

Last Saturday, in a Christian tv show Inside the Fish Bowl, the host George Gabriel shared his insights about the qualities of a good leader. For him, a good leader is someone who love; someone who live; and someone who leave.
We are taught that in the family, the father is the head, the primary leader. Here’s what I believe: In the Aquino family, Ninoy was a father who loved, lived and left.

Ninoy loved. I was born nine days before Ninoy’s death. I have known him through old video clips, history books, documentaries, pictures and verbal illustrations of his family and the people close to him. Although he maybe considered as a historical figure, I am convince that Ninoy was a father who loved. His love reflects on the attitude and principle of his wife and his kids. They are so full of love not only for themselves but more importantly for others.

Ninoy lived. Ninoy lived not only to breathe the cool breeze of December or to eat lechon or to live in a mansion or to enjoy his wealth or to tell his wife and his kids “Do this and Do that.” He was a rich man but he knew that his greatest treausre was not on the value of money he had and can still acquire but on good deeds and love for God. He maximized all his strengths and valued his principles not only for his personal aspirations but for the sake of national interest. He was indeed a great example to his family.

Ninoy left. When the Aquino family lived abroad and had a good life, Ninoy could have decided not to come back and just live peacefully with his loved ones. But he did the opposite. Thus, his life ended the tragic way. So, why did he choose to leave his family to face a possible tragedy? Perhaps, he knew in his heart and mind that his family is strong. Even without his physical presence they can survive because he was a father who loved and lived. At that time, our country needed a father like him, someone who can tell us: Hey, I’m here. I’ll be infront of the battle. Let's not lose hope.
Imagine your father is someone who horsewhips your mother’s face.
Imagine your father is a womanizer.
Imagine your father is rich but is always involve in financial anomalies.
Imagine your father is someone who treats you like a mannequin (as if you don’t exist).
Imagine your father is a drunkard and is not doing anything for a living.
Imagine your father is someone who beats you each time you made a mistake.

I wouldn’t be surprised if your description of life is miserable. You are full of insecurities; always envious. I’m sure each of us would love to have a father who love, live and leave. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. So, if your father is the exact opposite of what I have mentioned above, consider yourself very blessed.
A father’s role in the family is very important. The behavior, actions and principles in life of a father have influential effects in shaping the character of his children. Fahterhood, therefore, is not just about passing a name to your descendants, there are responsibilites attach to it. Defining leadership through example is one of them.
Now that Sen. Noynoy is facing a big dilemma in his political career it is so admirable that he is contemplating so deeply before announcing his decision. Maybe he is still reflecting on his parents' leadership while praying to seek guidance from GOD, our father. The father of all fathers. The father who love, live and leave.

I believe it was also faith in God, our father that made Tita Cory brave enough to lead the Filipino people after the death of her beloved. It was a very painful event for her and her family. Yet she was able to overcome the mourning because she trusted God, her father;her primary leader.
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Nobe said...

@rej: i'm not yet sure if i want noynoy for president but hell, i don't want mar or villar in that seat of power for some reason.

Rej said...

yeah. me too.

nakakapagtaka lang sa U.S. ang laking bansa pero pag eleksyon ang konti ng kandidato. satin parang lahat gustong tumakbong presidente :p

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