Sunday, September 20, 2009

Introducing My New Crib

Welcome to my new crib "Child of the 80’s!"

I decided to change the title of this blog when I finally realized that kiddomind sounds too childish. I know. I know. The word child is identical to kiddo. That’s why I added the phrase “of the 80’s” which means I am already in my 20’s. But even though my age is already classified as an adult, the child in me still prevails. My perception about life may sound matured and serious at times but I still find pleasure on simple things like playing jump rope and reading gossips in pep. This blog is not made to advocate childishness but to hopefully bring out the beauty of a child.

In the last two weeks, I had a major makeover. I changed the skin of this blog. I exported posts from my two other blogs which you can now view here. One blog is already deleted; the other one I kept for private viewing only. Now, there are also posts written in Filipino language for much easier self expression. Pardon to my foreign blogger friends. :p

Since almost everything is relatively new, allow me to reintroduce myself again. The third installment.

(Drum Roll)

26 Things about Rej, a Child of the 80’s

1. Rej is not my real name. It is just one of the many names attached to my being.
2. I am a female. I have to say this because often times, people think I’m a “He.”
3. I used to love Math but hated it when xyz appeared in supposedly fun class discussion.
4. I enjoy the company of kids. In fact, I have berks ages 3-7. Maybe they think I’m one of them. And by the way, they call me ate Jennylyn. Why Jennylyn? That’s another story.
5. I am a photographer wannabe. I swear I’ll buy a professional camera when the price goes down to 1k. Slap me! I’m dreaming.
6. I love dogs. Who doesn’t?
7. I prefer vanilla ice cream over chocolate flavored. FIC is the best.
8. I watched Jackass the Movie in cinema theater all by myself. A friend urged me to watch it because its fun. Sure, it was. But I didn’t know it was also ridiculous. No wonder why the ticket seller asked me “Ilang taon ka na (How old are you)?”
9. I didn’t watch Sailormoon when I was a kid. At that time, WWF and Bioman were the household faves.
10. I am equipped with basic driving method. But I didn’t take it seriously since (1) there is nothing to drive and (2) even if there is, I feel uncomfortable having two pillows under my butt.
11. I know many people who like Chicken Salad. I don’t because of mayonaise. Chicken Salad looks delicious but I say No thanks, it’s all yours.12. Most women enjoy shopping for sandals or any footwear. For me, it’s the least exciting activity I could do inside the mall. Nothing fits. Dammit!
13. I enjoy recycling. That’s something I have learned to embrace when frugality has acquired residence in my brain.
14. I always have Nescafe moment in the morning and before sunset. Antonio Pueo is also good but only when it is served free.
15. Listening to different types of music is one of my favorite sources of entertainment bliss. I just hope music will learn to love me back.
16. When I was in college, I got a TRES grade in Civil Technology. Similar to a classmate whose number of absences is more than the number of times we saw her in class. Sometimes, life can be so unfair!
17. Kapitan Sino is the only book of Bob Ong that I haven’t read. I hope the next time I visit National Bookstore I can find one without a plastic. Reading a book in a standing position isn’t so difficult afterall.
18. Inang Yaya (Mother Nanny) is the movie I would like to see again. I love the Skeechers scene.
19. I don’t smoke for three reasons: (1) The smell is awful; (2) I don’t want to pollute my own lungs and (3) others too.
20. I don’t like the smell of boys when they sweat. Haha!
21. I am not a fan of horror movies. War and massacre movies are definitely not on my list too (regardless who directed the film including a National Artist).
22. I believe in my high school teacher’s lecture about the types of destiny: (1) Character is a destiny which we can control and (2) fate is destiny which we cannot control.
23. I am not showy. But I have my share of Cheesyness. Sobrang cheesy talaga. Yay!
24. I am so blessed to have good friends. I don’t see them often. But in my heart, I know they are just there.
25. I love being with family. Simply the best!
26. God loves me (and loves you too). :)

P.S. The photo above is me. The Epitome of Great Pretender. So, Beware! Bwahaha!

12 Speak:

Lord CM said...

oist..may mabangong lalake kahit pinagpapawisan, ako! lolzz

Ikaw ba yung nasa pix?

Rej said...


Yes. Animoy kagaling magbilyar. Haha!

-ellesig- said...

isip bata ka talaga! fairly odd parents na! nood na tayo!


akala ko weird na ko dahil hindi ako kumakain ng chicken salad,. may karamay pala ako.

tsenn` said...

hi ate julianne! :) (eto ba real name mo ate?? hehe)
i agree with number 20 wahaha wasak! :)
ok lng magbago ng layouts and the like, basta wag ka lang aalis ha hehe apir! :)

Rej said...

@ Ellesig: Kadiri kaya ang Chicken salad. Haha!

@tsenn: Hindi Julianne name ko. Isa lang din un sa dami ng naibansag sa akin. Nick name ni Julianna anak ni Papa Goma at Lucy. Hehe! Apir tayo sa no. 20. Hehe!

Nobe said...

@rej: new theme a! fresh crib. :)


RUEL said...

Rej, it's a cool name..Sound's like a small boy..Bakit ayaw mo ng smell ng boy pag nags0-sweat?

Rej said...

@ nobe: thanks for visiting. yeah fresh crib :)

@ Ruel: basta parang may something. haha! Lalo na pagnakukulob ang amoy sa room. Hindi kaya ng powers ko. Haha!

Rej is actually short for Regine. Pero hindi rin Regine real name ko. Basta its a long story. :p

A-Z-E-L said...

aw! guilty as charged... akala ko ur a male... un pala u just don't like their smell pag pinagpapawisan! hahahahaha!

nice to know you!

Rej said...

Oks lang. sanay na ko. hehe!

Believe Achieve - Hugo and Roxanne said...

Hi Rej! (Is it okay to continue calling you Rej, even though I've just learned it isn't your real name? lol)

Love the new look! And loved learning more about you, too! We have a few things in family is my world, I love my Coffee!, dislike horror flicks, can't stand cigarette smoke and I love to read.
It's also great to Recycle! Currently teaching our Kiddos to Re-Use things we would typically throw away for unique craft projects.

It's great to know you! Thank you for your Friendship. :-)

Many Blessings....

Believe Achieve

Rej said...

Yeah just call me Rej.

Thanks for the friendship too. Be safe always. :)

Regards to your whole family :)

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