Thursday, July 20, 2006

Bittersweet Confusion

Is it negative or positive?

It was April 2005 when we found out that our youngest might have an Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), which is real illness that starts in childhood. It can change the way children act, think, and feel. Nearly all children are overactive and inattentive at times, but for children with ADHD and their families their behavior can be extreme and disruptive (source: We were not aware of that kind of mental health disorder way back. So my parents, with an advice from a school counselor, decided to seek a professional help. We brought him to a psychologist to help us understand my brother’s possible condition.

The result of all the psychological tests will be known after a month. So the next thirty days, we were totally clueless whether my brother is considered a special child or not. And at some point, we knew everyone was affected. But in our family, my parents were the most upset. My mother felt sorry for my brother. Almost every moment my mom would stare at him and asked herself “why?” My father, on the other hand, could not accept my brother’s situation. That was the time I saw my dad lose his temper so easily. It seems that he could not afford to see his son acting differently. But he loves my brother very much the same way he loves his other children.

My brother was nine years old then. We knew he did not really understand what was happening but we felt he also pitied himself and the whole family. But God is so good. He did not let our family give up. In those times, our family needed strength. With the help of God, we gathered strength from one another. Surprisingly, that unpleasant incident has made our family closer.

After one month, the result was released - NEGATIVE. But of course, the psychologist advised us to continue guide him in his studies and other activities; that he still need extra support and understanding. That’s it. The big question was finally answered. That news deserves a celebration, don’t you think? Actually, we did. We had Jollibee.

This experience has taught me one great lesson: In times of crisis, it is the family that will be there for you no matter what happens. And the power of prayer is the best way out.

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