Thursday, July 13, 2006

Most Unforgettable Moments with HS Friends

The Most Unforgettable JS Prom Experience

Accepting “The Most Romantic Pair” award
That particular event started it all for Shalah and L_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _. Too bad, their story also ends there. Ows? Okay, I’m not so sure about that.

The Most Unforgettable Song in a Night Gimmick

Who Let the Dogs Out by Baha Men
To all dog owners in Rebisco Road, you still owe Jenny anti-rabies.

The Most Unforgettable Grand Party

Angel’s Late Birthday Celebration
12/30/2001 – We had mocha roll (with a candle), spaghetti, pansit, tasty, softdrinks, t-back, make-up kit, picture on a frame, former classmates, serious stories, gossips, hilarious antics, background music and a camera film that didn’t work on us.

The Most Unforgettable Adage

“Life is so unfair!”
This axiom signifies silent protest. Right, Grace?

The Most Unforgettable Sanctuary

97 Pascual Road…
We would like to thank She’s family for accommodating such eccentric species. We also apologize for all the noise and mess we made.

The Most Unforgettable Dance Steps

Sex Bomb’s Laban o Bawi Choreography
With “Angelina” as the background music, Son showcased his dancing skills with matching acrobatic moves.

The Most Unforgettable Group Portrait

On the stairs… before going to prom
With Jho on the center, nothing could go wrong. Ehem!

The Most Unforgettable Farewell Message

I alrdy hv myVISA hir w/me. evrythn hasbin preprd xcpt 4d planetkts w/c ws olrdy bukd.I hv 2b dr in NC on jan12,no x10sion.Myb ds s dryt tym4me 2say.. GOODBYE

12:31 pm

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