Thursday, July 13, 2006

My Baby is Growing Up

He is starting to play outside till sunset. He is receiving more phone calls than I do. Are these sudden changes of action or behavior (whatever you call it) signify growth and development? Gosh! sooner or later, he will dominate the telephone and make a lot of girls cry. Hehe!

Today, I’m only few inches taller than him. In the next few years or months or days, our roles will transform. He will be my armor and I will be his slave. Ouch! But before it happens, maybe a movie treat in IMAX Theater would be a nice favor. Or should I be thinking of something more expensive than that? Patay sya sa ‘kin! Hehe! Well, dreaming is one of the few free things around here and turning it to reality is another story.

Seriously, I still couldn’t imagine my younger brother growing up (Yes, I’m talking about my younger brother). Too bad, no one could ever decelerate the spin of earth (except God, of course). Anyway, in my heart, he will forever be my baby and indeed one of the biggest blessings our family has received. =>

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