Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Guy Who Stole My Place

You are usually oblivious
Or maybe you are not just listening.
Your mood changes in a split second
More extreme than those with PMS.
You seldom browse your books
Because you are so mindful of your farm.
Your favorite songs
Are not music to our ears.
You want to buy everything you crave for
Regardless if your wallet becomes zero balance.
You break all the rules when it comes to food
Despite the doctor's advice to have diet.
And last but not the least
You stole my place in the family
The throne I reigned for 12 years.
However everything I’ve mentioned above
Are just specks of who you really are
In your big sister’s eyes.
Big treasures are hidden
In the deepest part of your soul.
You are everybody’s playmate
On dull hours and boring nights.
You are the most affectionate
Specially when mommy needs it.
You are a genius in computer games
Always a winner in any race.
You don’t study your lesson
But you get 24/25 in Math.
You go to the store to buy ate load
Because ate hates the sun.
You like watching SpongeBob
Awakening the child in us.
You are a wonderful guy when you’re outside
No bad words can be thrown against you.
You bring great joy in the family
With just your mere presence
You are a blessing in this world
That's the truth.
And most importantly
You are my baby brother
And I’m proud of it.

Note: Photo taken when he was one year old.

2 Speak:

madz said...

Oh,how sweet.. very touching!

PeterPan said...

So cute.... :)

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