Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Who is Bo Sanchez?

The first time I saw him, I knew he was one of those people who has touched many lives. It was in 2005 when I found him standing in the best-selling bookstand of National Bookstore. He’s face occupies almost ½ of the cover page of the book entitled The Boss (now How to be Really Really Really Happy). Disheartened, I picked it up and brought it to the counter hoping that his words can seize my day.

Bo Sanchez is a wordsmith. He is a genius in vocabulary. His acumen in writing is a mixture of sincerity, creativity, wit and wisdom. He certainly leaves a mark so significant that you will have peace in your heart. Eventually, my book collection grew. Later on, I discovered his website Kerygmafamily. I registered and communicated with other members through their forum. It started as a simple pastime, with an intention to have someone to talk to. But the relationship became deeper when I met them personally at Valle Verde Country Club where Bo Sanchez delivers his talk every Sunday. After a long time of admiring Bo Sanchez from the distance, I finally saw my idol, shook his hand, stood beside him and posed in front of Louis’ camera. And by the way, I also realized he looks better in person. :p

Bro. Bo Sanchez, however, is not just a best-selling author and Catholic lay preacher. He is the founder of various ministries such as Light of Jesus Community, Shepherdsvoice, Kerygma TV Anawim Lay Mission Foundation and more. He is also a succesful entrepreneur, a happy married man and a friend to everyone. And above all, Bro Bo is a lover – he loves God first. He shares God to others through his books and magazines, insightful talks and most importantly by the way he lives. He turns his words into action. He is indeed worthy of honor and respect.

To know him more visit http://www.bosanchez.ph/ and http://www.preacherinbluejeans.com/

*Watch Kerygma TV every Sunday, 6 to 7 a.m. @ TV5.
**Attend Kerygma Conference 2009, the biggest Catholic learning event of the year, at The Big Dome on November 28-29, 2009.
***Kerygma Feast (mass, worship and talk by Bo Sanchez) is held every Sunday at Valle Verde Country Club, Pasig City
Time: 8 am to10 am, 10:30 am to 12:30 pm and 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm.

Photos by kerygmaconference.com, flickr.com (sgnewsletter), inspiration101.files.wordpress.com

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Glampinoy said...

I haven't met Bo Sanchez yet but I have read some of his books. He is indeed a very inspiring writer so I must imagine how inspiring he is as a speaker. The fact that he is leading a charismatic group is already a testament to his gift of words.

Peace and joy to you and your family...

Rej said...

Yeah. Tsaka yung mga talks nya practical things din about sa life - anything under the sun. Hope you will also try listening to his talk live. Hindi ka magsisisi. Pramis. :D

Be very blessed.

REDLAN said...

Kakainspire nga yung mga sinusulat ni Bo Sanchez. Effective young book niya about how to save money.

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