Monday, November 9, 2009

Monday The Week That Was - Everything is New

I hope someday I can confidently say “Look I Can Cook! I’m talking about more complicated dishes such as menudo and adobo. Call me pathetic. My head will nod ten times. ” But hey, I’m learning. At least I have decided to take the first step. So, what’s next?

Last week, due to some technical problem I decided to make a new account and transfer old posts from kiddomind to a new home which I entitled Rej Speaks. I want my new crib to exhibit maturity. No more Kiddo or Child or any equivalent word on top of everything. But I didn’ totally abandon my previous space. I gave it a new look and theme - videos that I find interesting in You Tube. Surprisingly, it’s now working perfectly. Patience is indeed a virtue. :D

In this blog, I also decided to have a calendar. Wherein each day, there is a particular topic that I will try to live up to (Schedule on the left column). I am not the most organized person on earth. I hope this one will help me establish a good habit.

This week: Art projects, Travel and hopefully Cooking.

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4 Speak:

-ellesig- said...

i got lost for a moment! :)

i like this new you.. good luck on keeping things organized.

Rej said...

Thanks. :)

HappySurfer said...

Great new look except I'm not very good with black background. It's glaring and hurts the eyes so I normally can't stay too long.

Rej said...

Black is not really my fave. But the layout really caught my attention. I like the combination of black and yellow. And the butterfly reminds me of my past. Haha!

Thanks for dropping by. Hope you're doing well. :)

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