Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tuesday Meet and Greet - May Holds a Gun

Household chores were at the least of her expertise.
Extra curricular activities didn’t excite her at all.
Being in a private 3rd class in CAT was a non-issue
But she is definitely a no non-sense
She is like the female counterpart of Herodotus
In the modern-day era
A genius in computer programming
She is now a successful expat
But the road to success was narrow and intricate
She had to do things she was not accustomed to
She had to endure a lonely life
Away from the people she loved so dearly
But instead of giving up
She turned her forlorn life
Into something beautiful
She clinged to her values and strengths
Patience, hardwork and perseverance
Were her armors during tough times
In the end victory smiled at her
She is now soaring high in the US Airforce
A lot of things have already changed
Nonetheless only one thing matter
She is simply my friend
With or without a title
With or without a gun in her hand
Black, brown or blonde hair
She is not May but Mumay
Forever and ever...

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