Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Act Now

Last month I encountered a "big" problem.

I smelled a dead rat…in my bedroom. The smell stunk. Yuck!

A massive search operation happened immediately. But the odor of the dead rat was deceitful. However, our (the search operation was a group effort) determination to find the dead body was bigger than the problem. When we finally found it, of course we didn’t give him a decent burial. The rat’s body went straight to the trash. He deserved it!

Today, I am still struggling. But this time, the "big" problem is in my body. I have been coughing for more than a month now. My mother has been telling me to consult a doctor. But each time she does it, my respond is always a deaf ear. For me, going to a doctor is a waste of money. There are plenty of lagundi leaves in the neighborhood. Calamansi is also inexpensive. Water is abundant and free. So, why spend? But to my dismay, the cough didn’t disappear. Short vacation happen from time to time but it keeps on coming back.

Last week, I went out with my high school friends. Honestly, before the grand event, I tried to construct an acceptable excuse. But since we seldom (Definition of seldom: reunion or small gathering occurs only when a “balikbayan friend” arrives) see each other there is no valid justification not even a tough and disturbing cough. So, we all came. I came even though I was like a dog – barking, barking, barking. The following day, I went to the doctor. I gave up. I finally accepted that I need a treatment – a real one. Yesterday, I consulted a different doctor because it seems to me that nothing is happening after the first medical consultation. And here’s the thing, we spent almost P2000 for the check-up, X-ray and medicines. Worst, I have to go back on Wednesday for a follow-up health check. Gosh!


In every problem, big or small, there is a solution. But have we ever noticed that there are problems that happen again and again and again? If we have solved the problem why does it keep on coming back? Maybe because we haven’t really solved the problem.

In my first story, when we smelled a dead rat we acted right away. I mean, we could have sprayed an air freshener first and postpone the search operation. But we didn't do that. Instead, we were so aggressive in finding the dead rat. Eventually, when the convicted has been removed, the bad odor also evaporated.

Sometimes, a problem is like a dead rat. When we don’t get rid of it, it stinks. Spraying an air freshener can only mitigate the unpleasant odor in your space. It can only conceal what you refuse to breathe. But after awhile, the fragrance of an air freshener will eventually vanish and the smell of the dead rat will stand out again and will continue to haunt you. Because the truth is, the root of the reek is still there. The problem didn’t disappear.

In my second story, I knew that my cough is worsening everyday. What did I do? I stick to my own medication. I refuse to listen. I was stubborn. In the end, I lost P2000. If only I have listened to my mother a long time ago, maybe I only spent 25% of my current medical expenditures. Maybe by now, I can sleep at night eight hours straight without disturbance; without cough.

Sometimes, a problem is like phlegm in your lungs. It’s irritating. Phlegm complicates other parts of your body such as throat, nose and head while a problem gives you headache. According to some scientific research, body pain is a manifestation of a person’s inner condition. Phlegm also affects others. When you don’t cover your mouth when you cough, bacteria spreads in the air. When your loved ones perceive that you have a problem, they become bothered too. Thus, you are unconciously spreading the virus and infecting others. And if you don’t treat it with proper medication, the situation might get worse. You might not like the result. At this point, the problem becomes a lot harder to solve.

There are problems in our life that procrastination has no room. But a lot of times, we settle to temporary remedies to cover up the problem. When the problem aggravates, that’s the only time we pay full attention. Mamaya na lang. Bukas na lang. Mañana Habit. Juan dela Cruz, favorite mo yan di ba?!

Stop making excuses
Don't be contented with temporary remedy.
It is never a solution.
Time is running.
If you can act now, act now before it' too late.

2 Speak:

A-Z-E-L said...

first scenario:
i disagree with the air freshener, the smell might be worst when mixed with that dead rat's stinks! i gues you group was right for finding the root cause of that foul odor.

second scenario:
i also don't go to doctor when i have usual fever, cough or colds. i treat it my way. sayang ang pera (katwiran ko) eh when i'll go to doctor he will just give me nasal decongestant, cough syrups, antibiotics,.. etc..etc...

pero siguro when my cough will not subside for months or so with a reverberating sound.... magpapa-XRAY na ako!

i hope you are well now.
prevention is really better than cure!
take care!

Rej said...

mali pala ang logic ko. lolz. salamat po sa info. :D

magaling na ko. I'm claiming it! :p



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