Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I got tagged!

I already discussed so many facts and trivial information about myself in my older posts. I had “100 Things About This Kiddo and “All About Rej Part I and Part II.” I think it would be best to have a break for the meantime. But this one is interesting since there is a twist in the rule. The rule is to list 25 random fun facts about my spouse/significant other. But since I still haven’t found that word in my own dictionary, I just decided to list down 5 common stuff about the people close to my heart which I group into five: my family, my friends, my officemates, my bosses, and my future pals and colleagues .

Here it is…

My Family1. My family loves sharing stories while having a nice lunch in a long banana leaf. It’s our simple act of strengthening the union.
2. My family is seemingly enjoying throwing criticisms on each other’s face. A short debate will follow but end up loving each other even more.
3. My family loves Sundays. It’s a day with the Lord and a perfect time for family bonding.
4. Cooking is my mom’s favorite hobby and she’s very good at it. And us? Eating is our expertise =)
5. My parents value frugality. But they spoil us with yummy food and the luxury to watch any television shows we like through cable tv.

My Friends1. My friends are prudent. We love “patak patak.” or “KKB.” In short, when we go out only stories and laughter are free.
2. My friends are not night people. We start gathering before sunset and go home before the darkest hour. If you don’t want to receive a phone call from my mom, you should let me go before 10 or 11 in the evening.
3. My friends used to gather in our house whenever there is a school project to finish or we are oblige to catch butterflies in vacant lots nearby. They also crave for my mom’s bread roll. That’s their favorite.
4. My friends rejoice for each other’s achievements and with a cheerful heart we support those who are heavily burdened.
5. We frequently set a date for a “swimming jaunt” and it usually remains a plan, a beautiful drawing (Guys, when are we going to buy paint?). Hehe!

My Officemates
1. During lunch, my officemates occupy a long table as if nobody is allowed to butt in.
2. My officemates all have Friendster account. Its either they open it during lunch break or have it forgotten.
3. Workaholic is a common terminology among my officemates. If only there is a den in the office, their families may not be able to recognize them once they go home on weekends.
4. My officemates love their families very much. It’s their foremost reason why they toil and go home late for an overtime pay.
5. My officemates keep a simple lifestyle so they still have something to bring for their kids and loved ones.

My Bosses
1. Aggressiveness is the common denominator among all the bosses that I worked with. They are always excited to reach their goal.
2. My bosses love what they do. Office is their home or their playground.
3. My bosses usually keep their own accounting. They are good in calculations.
4. My bosses all have eyeglasses. I guess when they were younger they spent most of their time reading books than listening to the sounds of The Beatles or watching Clint Eastwood’s flicks.
5. There is no dull moment once they start cracking jokes. Their sense of humor is fabulous.

My Future Pals and Colleagues
1. They are part of some ministries for the poor. They encourage me to participate and help build a happier and hopeful nation.
2. They are very adventurous. They are agents that will help me fulfill my dream to travel in different God’s magnificently-crafted ground and bodies of water.
3. They are spiritually matured and will lead me closer to God.
4. They have the entrepreneurial spirit. They are my mentors towards becoming a millionaire.
5. They love arts. They encourage me to support indipendent films.

Now, it’s my turn to pass this contagious activity. I’m tagging only two people: Kuya Rowin and Sis Roselyn.

Guys, you may stick to the original rule. I was exempted but you guys are not (Hehe!). Have fun and dedicate it to your OTL.

2 Speak:

Rowin and Family said...

Nice one Rej ;)

(clakity-clack-clack!) That's my PC keyboard sound working. I will get back to this topic in a jiffy.

By the way, you have an impeccable timing because I was thinking of a tribute to my wife for her upcoming birthday next month so your tag is a life-saver. Thanks. :)

Rej said...

Go Kuya Rowin. Aja!

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