Tuesday, February 3, 2009

In a Vision

I’m ecstatic.

Since yesterday, I have been reading different blog entries and short stories. Most of them, I find very encouraging. I believe I’m starting to absorb their positive energies. This morning, I envision a crazy, wacky but stimulating scenario for my life; for my next profession. I feel great as if all my hormones and body tissues are rejoicing with me with a bang. I can now profess to myself that something great will happen - that there is a bright future ahead of me. I am saying this to myself for a long time as a way of appeasing myself from the thought that I might be a bum again and do similar routine for 365 days. Now, I am convinced.

In the old and new testament, God’s grand plans for the ancient prophets were revealed in a vision or God spoke to them in the silence of their heart. This morning, I felt that God did the same thing for me. I just have to keep the faith and do my part

Let me end this by sharing you a part of a short story that I read yesterday, February 2, 2009. The author quoted “God is a God of purpose. When He creates something, it is for an incredible, unbelievable, fantastic reason. “

True. Isn’t it?

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