Sunday, February 22, 2009

Brothers Fighting

My 13-year-old brother and my 2nd year college cousin had a minor fight last week. How did I/we find out? Well, the basic symptoms were obvious.

a. They weren’t talking.
b. My brother carried his pillows and blanket to the living room and slept in the couch. :p

When petty quarrel arises between the two, I think it’s cute (Bad influence? Hehe!). But don’t get me wrong. I don’t tolerate the gap. I just think that kind of episode in their lives is essential part of growing up. Nobody knew the root of their disagreement but as soon as my father noticed the symptoms, he approached my brother. The latter said “Hindi naman ako ang nagsimula (I didn’t start it).” My father didn’t go deeper with the story anymore. Instead, he advised my brother to settle the issue immediately. Knowing my brother, he normally speaks vehemently specially when not in the mood but I’m sure he doesn’t mean to hurt anyone. He has bad tantrums. Nevertheless, he is a sweet and loving boy. While my cousin, though already in college, he is still a young boy with fragile feelings and emotions that require considerations.

Today, I finally see them talk. Yes, the fight is over (I think). Maybe they miss each other. Or maybe they have decided to end the rift. Or maybe the wound that they caused in each other’s heart is already gone. Or maybe boys are just like that: they fight over small things then they would make up unconsciously. Whatever the reason is, I’m glad the pakners in crime are back together. I miss the brotherhood of these two young men.

The realization: Sometimes it’s also best to allow teenagers to resolve their own problem. We just have to believe and trust that they can. I hope adults would learn to act similarly. When a minor conflict occurs, they don’t complicate things. They give each other space. They don’t let their pride destroys the bond. In the end, relationship matters the most... If teens can do it, why can't we?

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Justkyut said...

Yes, just let them be. This way they will learn their lessons.

Thanks for dropping by at my blog. I'll be well soon. Thanks!

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