Sunday, February 15, 2009

Act As If

Yesterday was a busy day for me. I browsed a number of old newspapers, cut the pictures I found significant, and added it in my clear book. This morning, in Kerygma Feast, the attendees were asked to lift up the illustrations that symbolize who we are five years from now. Yeah, I lifted up the clear book. I have a lot of dreams, obviously. They say dreaming is one of the free things on earth. In Filipino “libreng mangarap.” So, dream big.

It was a grandeur event. In connection with Bro. Bo’s topic “Act As If” some people came in wearing coat and tie and formal dresses, definitely not the typical appearance I see every Sunday. We saw a lot of CEO and President in the making. We were also welcomed by some paparazzi-like and the red carpet. Cameramen were all over the place. You coudn't escape. But it was cool! All photos will be available in Kerygma Family maybe after few days. Oh yes, I have another picture to download in my Friendster account. I can't wait! :p

Ultimately, the whole activity showcased a lot of new points of view to reflect on. It wasn’t just a day of pretensions and glamour. It taught us to be more imaginative; to learn how to act as if because we become what we constantly think. I think God wants us to dream big and He also desires our dreams to be fulfilled because He wants us to experience life at its best. Since God has given us the resources or the raw materials for us to have an abundant life, may we use it properly for His glory. On top of this, we were also educated not to be self-centered; that our aspirations should also be for the good of others. Dreaming becomes beautiful and meaningful if it is rooted from having the cravings to bless the world…

Let me end this by borrowing Bro. Bo’s famous quote: May your dreams come true.

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foongpc said...

Another good article, rej! Yes, I do practise this quite a lot! I always act as if I am already somebody or I'm already who I want to be. And it works because when we act as if, our whole thinking changes and that's really what effect the positive outcomes. It's actually what we think that matters. So if we think we are a loser, we are indeed a loser. So simple but yet not many realise this! : )

Rej said...

Yeah, you are absolutely right foongpc!

The activity was so cool and motivating! To act as if has a different meaning now. It has become very positive.

louraine said...

you are right. nice post. :)

i'm an avid fan of the Kerygma magazine.

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