Monday, February 9, 2009

A CLOSEr Glimpse in the Known and the Unknown

(Excerpts from my first writing attempt in one summer vacation)

Joy. She is one heck of a talent. Among her many abilities include a sharp memory-when she starts telling her own story it usually begins with “Alam mo kami nung elementary…” But seriously, Joy has a great mind which she uses to excel in any subject she chooses (kaya nga asset yan pagdating sa humanities at drawing). She is also a very good artist who seems to have built in lettering guides, rulers and curves in her hands that allows her to write and draw as if she’s an architecture or engineering student. With very skillful hands, she could draw plates in a flash and then have time for her “papalicious” boyfriend in the end.

Jordg. Besides being the “son” of Dr. Pangilinan and Ma’am Carpio (Why? Sir Pangilinan gave him the authority to handle our class – as if sya ang prof and he’s very close to Ma’am Carpio compare to our very own professors – patext text pa), Jordg, at first glance would give you the impression that he just ran away from home because of his very large back pack, and once you get to dig into it you’ll find big and thick compilation of his favorite songs printed in different colors and supercalifragilisticexpialidocious background. Yes, the books and anything that concerns his studies and work are merely accessories. Hehe?!

Pat. Does she look familiar? No, she’s not the love interest of Jordan in one of the most popular soap opera today “Sa Puso Ko Iingatan Ka” nor Gelai of Junjun in a youth oriented show every Saturday “G-MIK,” she’s simply the girl who has a face of Juday and Angelica Panganiban combined into one. Pat or Bunsoy, is literally deficient in age. She is the youngest at our batch. Nonetheless, Bunsoy made her “shortcomings” the least of her problem. Her out-of-this world attitude drives everyone in the class crazy. She’s a real cool dude and an MTV artist - the scene in the window of Civil Engineering building, PANALO!

Meann. She is sweetness, wackiness, smartness and sensitivity packed in a very big and heavy bundle. She is weak yet so powerful. She’s weak, for she’s very sensitive, but inspite of this, she’s powerful being able to stand all the trials in her life. She’s weak for she cannot limit herself in eating lots of food. On the other hand, she’s also powerful for she bears a mouth that carries an unyielding appetite. So when you’re starving, she’s probably the perfect one to call. You will also never get bored when you’re with her for she unleashes her corny jokes with good timing (yung pamatay talaga tulad ng TUTA).

Yheng. Anyone who knows Bujoy couldn’t help but wonder where she gets her seemingly endless supply of energy. Often times, you’ll find her unstoppable when she begins talking specially when she is in the mood. Punctuality is her second asset. She actually lives in a far, far away land of Antipolo City but when you tell her to be in school at 7am, she’ll be there 10 mins to 4 hrs before the call time. 4 hrs? Yes, your monitor has no problem (Medyo exag but it’s true). Yheng also has a habit of buying food for all of us during our spare time. And because of her extreme generosity no one deserves the title “Financer ng Bayan” except her.

P.S. Salamat sa yearbook ng aking kuya, ang naging kodigo ko sa paglikha nito. Hehe!

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Jules said...

haller! :D salamat sa pagbisita sa blog ko. ok tong blog mo ah. cute :D

uy pa link naman sa blog mo :) para naman sushal at naka feature blog ko :D salmat!

Jules said...

Ang fab nman ng blog moh!!!!
I hope lot of people mkaread ng blog moh..coz it was so nice..=D

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